Dear Darling Children: Please Don’t Be Cheap (Round 1: Accessories)


Photo curtesy of Redbird Vintage Box

Dear Darling Children,

Concerning accessories:

Be unique.

Be daring.

Be classy.

Be willing to spend more than $10.

I once bought a pair of earrings for $5.67.  A pair of little monkeys that I thought would be amusing for a zoo excursion. My ears broke out in a horrifying rash that continued to attack my face for the next month.  After spending $700 at the dermatologist the rash subsided.

I am now too terrified to wear earrings, so don’t ever buy me a pair as a present.

Invest in the proper accessories or risk looking like a vagabond.  A cheap handbag will immediately make you look like a tourist who is trying desperately to fit in while visiting the city of New York.

My advice, follow the 3 V’s:

Vintage, Vuitton & Vogue


Photo curtesy of Redbird Vintage Box

Vintage:  You typically can’t go wrong with vintage accessories, unless you have terrible taste.

Vuitton:  You typically can’t go wrong with Louis Vuitton, unless you go fake.

Vogue:  You typically can’t go wrong with what Vogue says, at least until Anna Wintour passes away.

As I used to say all the time before meeting your father,

“If you want a gentleman, you must be a lady…if you want a lady, you must be a gentleman.” -Your Mom

That quote obviously applies to more than your appearance, so if you’ve decided to be a swearing, loud mouthed, public cheddar cheese potato chip eating harlot then no amount of classy accessories will help and there is very little I can do for you.

Making smart decisions in life can be difficult, Children, but a decision that should never be too hard is to always buy quality over quantity.  This will not only help you in your outward appearance, but it will also do your soul good to know that you won’t be throwing away your purchases in the near future.  This reduces waste, which helps the environment.

Help save the world, Children. Don’t buy tacky & cheap accessories.

Every little thing helps.

I love you, my little darlings.







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