Donated: No…I Haven’t Seen That Toy…


Has anyone else ever gone so completely mad at the mess the kids make that you just do a sweep through the house with a garbage bag and donate a bunch of stuff you know they won’t miss and then when your husband comes home and asks if you’ve seen a black Lego piece that’s missing from HIS Lego modular thing you lie and say you have no clue what he’s talking about even though you remember seeing that black Lego piece and being all, “What the heck is this stupid Lego piece doing in the middle of floor, DONATE IT”?

…I  know there is no way I’m alone on this…

2 thoughts on “Donated: No…I Haven’t Seen That Toy…

  1. imsonot says:

    You’re not alone. Our kids live in fear of the words: “Do you want ME to clean your room?” My wife and I clean their room with a garbage bag…but they scream louder when my wife does it, even though the bag of toys will likely return in 3-6 months “if they’re good.” When I do it, it goes directly out in the dumpster…usually ON garbage night.


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