Goodbye & Hello




My darling Alexander Marco, my little chihuahua maltese mutt purchased over 13 years ago, passed away in April. It was horrifying and sad and took me a few months to even begin to function properly again.

No more dogs. Never again.

This is what both my husband and I said on a daily basis for 60 days. And we meant it. We were 100% convinced that we wouldn’t be able to handle the emotional burden of having another animal.

Cue this rugrat.


Meet Gaston Alexander, the handsomest little dachshund in all the world. After bursting into tears after a glass of wine a few weeks ago and sobbing to my husband that I missed Alexander, that the children were just so mean to me and I needed something in my life that gave unconditional love we found this long eared adorable fur ball and brought him home.

Alexander left some big paws to fill. Gaston seems to be very patient with picture taking, so that’s a good sign.

That’s all.  I just wanted to introduce our newest addiction.


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