Squad Goals are the New Goals


Feeling lonely since we moved to Florida.  Came across this picture of my kids with a few of their old pals and almost cried.

There was fighting on this day.  Block throwing, lightsaber hitting, non-sharing and tears were involved.  But love overcame it all and at the end of the play date nobody wanted to leave (except the mothers, of course, since it was nap time).

I’ve learned that the mark of a true Mommy friend is when your kid does something awful to another kid and the mother just looks at you like, “Is it time for a carafe of wine yet?”

New goal (instead of unpacking, getting the house together, building up my wardrobe) is to make at least 1 new friend a week, whether it be for me, the kids or my husband.

Gotta build up that village.


Superheroes & Pirates & That Guy


Harrison: When I grow up and am finally a REAL superhero…

Me: Wait, when you GROW UP?  I THOUGHT you were a real superhero now.

Harrison: (annoyed) Well…yeah, I mean, I AM but I still want to be one when I get older.  I don’t want to be a pirate or like…(cue about 10 solid seconds of him trying to remember who he doesn’t want to be like)…that guy, you know, THAT guy.  You know. You KNOW. That guy.

Me: …Hm. Yeah. I hear ya.

…really, pal, NOBODY wants to be THAT GUY.